Teaser! Waking The Blood of the Dead II – Ch. 29 – A Call To Action

Here’s a short teaser from Waking The Blood of the Dead II – Ch. 29 – A Call To Action

These passages have not been beta’ed. All mistakes are mine, and some material  might change at time of posting.

Hugh put on his suit jacket as he closed the door to his room and ventured out into Stan’s mansion. He only took a few steps before he was confronted with an army of servants buzzing by him.

“Excuse us, sir,” a chorus of voices hurriedly apologized as they made their way in and out of the kitchen, carrying chairs, food platters, and crates of Royalty Blended and Pure Royalty synthetic blood bottles.

A young woman walked by him, staring at him appreciatively.

“Excuse me, miss,” Hugh asked the woman, pulling her aside from the streamlined procession.

“Hi, handsome. Are you a donor for the party, too?” she asked, looking at the bandage on his neck.

Hugh chuckled as he held his neck. “Umm…no. What party? You mean the funeral wake?”

The girl looked at him quizzically. “Are you sure you’re okay? There’s no funeral. It’s a celebration!”

“Celebration? For what?”

“The King miraculously recovered.”

“He what?” Hugh choked out.

“Selina, come on! They need us over here,” another girl called over to her.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. Duty calls. See ya at the party tonight.” Selina winked at Hugh as she walked away.

Hugh loosened his tie, and uttered a choked sob. Recovered? How could the king have recovered? Feeling the world crashing around him at his failure, he staggered around, trying to find someone in authority he could talk to amidst the endless sea of servants preparing for the party. Finally, outside the ballroom door, he found Joseph Velasquez talking to someone.

“Everything must be ready by midnight tonight, George,” Joseph related as he turned and faced Hugh.  With a quick nod, he dismissed the employee and looked at the sorcerer. “Mr. Hahvenghott, what a pleasure to see you. Have you heard the great news?” he asked, his demeanor quickly turning serious at seeing Hugh’s disheveled state. “Are you all right?”

Hugh quickly nodded. “What good news?” A cold sweat invaded Hugh’s body and he felt short of breath.

“Mr. Hahvenghott, what’s wrong?” Joseph asked again, nearing the sorcerer whose face had paled.

“Nothing, I’m fine. It’s just…so hot in here,” Hugh lied, trying to compose himself. “Please tell me what good news are you talking about?”

Joseph looked around the room, trying to see if the other humans in the room were sweating or showing discomfort. “The king…” he muttered nervously, “was healed last night.”


“Mr. Hahvenghott, you don’t look well. Let me get you some help.”

Hugh cleared his throat. “I assure you, I am fine. How…how did this come to be?”

Joseph looked at him questioningly. “A young girl – a healer that travels with Felipe De Castro’s retinue cured him. It was a miracle.”

“Where is the king now?”

“I was about to go to your room and ask your council. It seems the F.B.I. has taken our telepath – as well as King De Castro from Louisiana’s telepath into custody. They are all at their downtown location, trying to sort things out. Is there anything you can do for them?”

“Y…yes…of course. I will leave immediately.”

Joseph gave Hugh the address and the sorcerer left in haste.

Do not worry, Milandra, he thought. I will personally dispatch Stan from this realm. I will not fail you…

A/N: Oh, no! What the hell is Hugh going to do? Ch. 29 – coming soon! :)

Teaser – Waking The Blood of the Dead – Ch. 28 – The War Is Coming!


Here’s a short teaser from Waking The Blood of the Dead II – Ch. 28 – The War Is Coming!

These passages have not been beta’ed. All mistakes are mine, and some material  might change at time of posting.

“Miss Stackhouse, would you like some water?” Tom asked.

Sookie nodded as she shuffled the photographs before her and meticulously studied them. “This…this is me?” she asked almost in disbelief, staring at the picture of a woman covered in dust and blood, standing amidst the rubble of a building that had just come down.

“You really don’t remember, Miss Stackhouse?” Sara asked, handing her another photograph from the disaster at the Pyramid of Gizeh in Rhodes.


“And what of Barry Horowitz? Do you recognize him?” Sara asked her as she pointed to a figure in the pictures.

“I was just introduced to him yesterday. We are staying with him in his…employer’s mansion,” Sookie replied.

“Yes, he’s here as well.” Sara opened another file she carried.

“In the building?” Sookie asked. “Why?”

“As you have already guessed by now, Miss Stackhouse, we did not bring you here in regards to any internet video,” Tom began to say as he walked towards her with a paper cup.

“Yes, I gathered. Well, since all you’ve done is show me pictures of a destroyed building and of me crawling through the rubble,” she quickly added.

“These were taken in the City of Rhodes at the now fallen Pyramid of Gizeh – a building destroyed by an anti-vampire terrorist organization called Fellowship of the Sun,” Sarah related. “After the explosion, you and Barry Horrowitz searched the rubble and effectively found several survivors – both human and vampire alike. Both of you were quite amazing.”

“I…I did that?” Sookie asked, shocked at the news. I thought Amelia said I kept my powers to myself. “Eric did tell me that Stan…um…Barry’s employer was in a building that was bombed. Was Stan also there?”


“Did I save him?” Sookie asked.

“You and Mr. Horrowitz saved a lot of people that day, Miss Stackhouse. The firemen and rescue teams working with you, swore both of you had an uncanny ability for finding the survivors. It was almost as if you two were psychic.”


“Yes, that is the reason why you are here. We’d like to know if it is true or not.” Tom handed her the paper cup full of water.

Sookie took it, and inadvertently touched his hand to take possession of it.

Holy shit! Imagine if she’s really psychic we could solve so many cases in an instant. We could use her to root out terrorists, criminals, child molesters – the possibilities are endless. There’s nothing we couldn’t do with her on our side.

Fangz whined as he ‘heard’ the agent’s thoughts through Sookie’s ability.

“Thank you,” Sookie stated, trying to dissimulate what she’d gleaned from his mind. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time, but I am definitely not psychic.” Sookie took a cautious sip from the cup and wondered what Sara thought, but with the woman reciting the alphabet in her mind forwards and backwards, it was hard to read her thoughts. I’m going to have to touch her, like I touched Tom.  

“Then how do you explain how you found all those people?” Tom pressed.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry; I don’t even remember being there. Like I said, I’ve had an accident. Can I call my fiancé? It’s night time already and I know he’s worried about where I am.”

“Yes, let’s talk about your fiancé, Miss Stackhouse,” Sara stated, opening another file beside her. “Eric Northman is not who he seems to be. Take a look at this,” she said, moving the file in front of her. _________________________________________

A/N: *sobs* Oh Good Lord! I shudder to think what the F.B.I. has on file for Eric! *faints*

What’s Sookie going to do now? Ch. 28 – The War Is Coming! – will be posted soon! ;)

Teaser – Waking The Blood of the Dead – Ch. 27

Here’s a short teaser from Waking The Blood of the Dead II – Ch. 27 – Sheriff Sookie

These passages have not been beta’ed. All mistakes are mine, and some material  might change at time of posting.

Fangz barked as two figures emerged from the car parked next to them and made their way to the parked limo.

“What is it, boy?” Sookie asked, finally registering Fangz’ nervous state. “What’s wrong?” Fangz whimpered and started to growl. Sookie grabbed the pup in her arms just as the two figures, a man and a woman, tapped loudly on her window.

Sookie saw the limo driver step out of the vehicle to face the strangers. The male walked towards the driver, and the driver quickly lifted his hands up in surrender.

What’s going on? Sookie wondered just as the female tapped on the car window once more. Sookie opened her mind and searched the woman’s intentions. Fangz calmed, reading in Sookie’s mind that the woman had no ill thoughts or meant her any harm. She was some sort of authority figure, but was chanting several numbers and phrases in her mind as if she meant to block Sookie out from her thoughts.

Sookie slowly lowered her window, letting the outside heat into the cool air-conditioned car. “Yes?”

“Sookie Stackhouse? Fancy meeting you here. We just came back from visiting someone and stopped by for a bite to eat. Why don’t you come out and talk to us?” the woman, dressed in a business suit, asked.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are. If you’ll just wait a minute, my friend, Amelia, is on her way here. She’ll explain-”

“You already forgot about us, Miss Stackhouse?” The woman laughed. “We only saw you about two weeks ago in your house in Bon Temps. You were taking some things and moving to Shreveport, was what you told us.”

“Yes, you mentioned you were moving in with your boyfriend,” Tom clarified. “The one your roommate, Amelia Broadway, stated you were madly in love with?”

 I guess they do know me, Sookie surmised. “Yes, that sounds like my Amelia.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got a good memory and remember you both. It will be nice to see her again as well. How have you been since last we spoke?” the woman asked.

“I’m sorry. I had an accident and lost my memory. I really don’t know who you are.” Sookie held Fangz tight, hoping her answer would placate the woman and make her leave.

“Memory loss, you say?” the woman suspiciously repeated. She quickly called over the male accompanying her. “Tom, it seems Miss Stackhouse lost her memory since we saw her last.”

With a worried glance, Tom bent down to look at Sookie. “I’m Agent Tom Lattesta and this is Agent Sara Weiss.” He took out something from his inner suit’s pocket and brandished it to Sookie. “FBI, Miss Stackhouse. We kindly ask you to step out of the vehicle.”

Sookie grew more confused as she saw his badge, but the male officer started chanting numbers in his mind as well, making it hard for her to read what he was planning to do, though she was able to learn the agents were unaccompanied.

Taking Fangz in her arms, she stepped out of the limo and walked over to the agents. “Is this about the sex video on the internet of me and Eric?” Sookie asked, trying to figure out why the FBI wanted to talk to her.

“Eric, Miss Stackhouse?” Sara asked.

“Yes, Eric Northman, my fiancée. Is that what this is about?”

The two agents quickly looked at Sookie’s hand, and then shared a brief worrisome glance.

“Eric Northman, the vampire owner of Fangtasia, Miss Stackhouse?” Tom further supplied.

Sookie nodded, sure she’d seen Tom’s features momentarily blanch.

I knew she was knee deep in this shit with the vampires. We should have kept surveillance up on her.  Sookie caught the stray thought floating from Tom’s mind before he began thinking of colors again.

“Yes, it’s about the video, Miss Stackhouse. Why don’t you come with us and we’ll tell you everything we’ve found out about it?” Sara stated, mustering the widest smile possible.

Sookie smiled back, but wondered why the two agents kept chanting numbers and colors in their minds. “I…I’m not sure. I think I’ll wait for Amelia.”

“It’s not safe for you to be out on your own like this,” Sara quickly informed her, “especially with your memory loss.”

Tom took out his wallet and handed the driver his card. “Put your hands down,” he ordered. “Give this to Mr. Northman. It has our address here in the Dallas headquarters and a phone number where to reach us. Miss Stackhouse will be safe with us until he rises.”

“Is that okay, Miss Stackhouse?” Sara asked, moving her suit aside to better access her waist, and her gun. Though she tried her hardest to conceal it by reciting the alphabet forwards and backwards, Sara knew that if Sookie did not go with them willingly, she would have to employ whatever means necessary to take her with them down to the bureau’s offices.

“We only have your safety in mind,” Sara added, her hand slowly moving to the leather strap which held her gun in place.  _________________________________________________

A/N: Oh, no! What are the FBI doing in Dallas after Sookie? Will she go with them or will Fangz have them for breakfast?

Waking The Blood of the Dead – Ch. 27 – Sheriff Sookie – Coming Soon!

NEW CONTEST: The Citrus Tree Contest (SVM/TB)!!! Enter or BE DRAINED!

Get your thinking caps on!

Posted on July 24, 2011

Rebelina and BlackDeadOrchids have some goodies for you. I know it is a month late but today we officially announce The Citrus Tree Contest! Get your thinking caps on and prepare for some lust, seduction and sex… This contest is an opportunity to write those lemons you have been afraid to let out of the closet. Any SVM pairing is allowed and I mean ANY! Write about Eric’s lost dark years with Ocella or Pam’s years with Eric. Write about Sookie being a temptress who seduces Sam, Bill, Quinn and Eric… It is all up to you. The categories are a bit different this time around. Prizes awarded on the type of story and quality. Give a big thanks to our lovely judges: Crisi TM, LadyHlin, murgatroid-98, Jan of Arc, Fairyblood, Violetbat and AuntieL! They are going to read EVERY chapter, EVERY One-Shot… They have a lot of work ahead of them but it is up to you… Write a full story or just a One-Shot but please, PLEASE write something for everyone to lust over.


Write a citrus filled story starring your favorite SVM characters. Each chapter must contain at least ONE lemon or limeWrite it classy or trashy, either way, it should be filled to the brim with sex.


What is a lemon? Wikipedia defines a lemon as:

Lemon features explicit sex stories, and they sometimes fall under the broader PWP distinction. The name derives from a term which comes from a Japanese slang term for “sexy” that itself derives from an early pornographic anime series called Cream Lemon.

What is a lime? 
Wikipedia defines a lime as:

The term lime denotes a story that has sexual themes but is not necessarily explicit. Authors may call their stories “citrusy”, indicating that their story is a lemon or lime to varying degrees.

For the sake of this contest and appropriateness, Limes can be anything from strong sexual tension to soft core but there should be attraction there from the first chapter.

What is PWP? 
Wikipedia defines PWP as:

”Porn without plot” or “Plot? What plot?” are terms used to indicate that a story contains little or no plot, and instead contains little more than sexual interactions or pornography; PWP is also called smut.


  • OPEN TO EVERYONE! Virgin and Experienced should take a shot! Participants from sites other than fanfiction.net are encouraged to enter!
  • 100 – 100,000 words including Authors Notes and header. If you can’t make it work with that much range then this contest might not be right for you!
  • There are two categories to choose One-Shot or Multi- Chapter Fic. No limit on the amount of chapters but do not forget each chapter must have some form of sexual theme.
  • Canon SVM, AU, OOC or AH! No Crossfics, please!
  • Open pairings but slash, BDSM, and other extremes must contain BOLD WARNINGS in the A/N.
  • Entries require a beta through the whole piece. If you know you need one, there are people to help you.
  • Maximum 3 entries. Collaborations welcome but each person can only have 3 submissions total.
  • Must be a new story. If we see it was posted before the submission date it will be disqualified and removed from the C2 and voting.
  • Include a disclaimer (on each chapter) that you do not own the SVM characters. Be sure to give credit to any media that influences you.
  • Must be 18 years old to enter this contest! Gratuitous violence or rape will not be tolerated. Pedophilia will not be tolerated. Just because it is labeled BDSM doesn’t mean that if you create a rape scene to force the character into submission it will be allowed. Your story will instantly be pulled from the C2 and blogs. Please use good judgment when writing questionable themes in your story. Remember YKINMK “Your kink is not my kink” when writing.
  • Be sure to direct people to this blog for voting. We will be using polldaddy.com to tabulate votes as well as the polling onwww.fanfiction.net/~TheCitrusTreeContest2011. Voting begins Oct 1st and ends Oct 23rd.
  • Send a direct link to your story when you enter.

Entries Dates and Requirements:

Submissions begin: Monday, August 1st, 2011
Final submission: Friday, September 30th, 2011 @ 10 pm PST, 12pm CST.
This contest requires your story to be marked complete by Midnight CST on Sept 30th. No exceptions. 

Public voting runs from October 1st- 23rd. 

Judges vote runs from October 1st- 23rd.

Please vote, it is the only way to make sure your favorite gets the recognition it deserves!

Winners Announced October 28th by Midnight CST!

Send entry location link in an email to LemonContest@gmail.com.

Title the email Contest Submission By: (Pen Name).


We are honored to welcome the following as your judges: Crisi TM, LadyHlin, murgatroid-98, Jan of Arc, Fairyblood, Violetbat and AuntieL!

Judges will be given a judging sheet and asked to score up to 20 points for writing, 10 points for grammar, 10 points for diction, 10 points for characters, 10 points for dialogue, 10 points for organization/ structure, 10 points for creativity, 15 points for emotional impact and 5 points for quality of topic. The maximum score a story can receive is 100 points.

Those scores will be averaged in with the percentage of the public vote received to come up with overall winners in the 2 categories.

Winners and Prizes:
1st place One-Shot

2nd place One- Shot

3rd place One-Shot

One-Shot Host Pick

1st place Multi-Chapter Fic

2nd place Multi-Chapter Fic

3rd place Multi-Chapter Fic

Multi-Chapter Fic Host Pick

Each winner will receive a banner for their story and 1st place in each category will get a custom designed coffee mug.

Send entries to LemonContest@gmail.com!

All fics must contain the following info in it’s Authors Note on the first chapter: Contest Name, Title of Story, Pen Name, Beta Name (Include all you use), and Disclaimer.

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New Contest: On Her Majesty’s Service (SVM/TB)

From: http://www.fanfiction.net/~onhermajestyssecretservice

James Bond ~ 007, suave, sophisticated man of the world, Secret Agent and vicious killer, and all for Queen and Country..

Ring any bells?

Write Eric Northman as James Bond, give him a Bond Girl, a dastardly villan, an impossible mission, a Walther PPK, let Q give him some amazing tech and away you go.

Oh, and the entries must include a quote from one of the films..

James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.


Any pairing, any rating. SVM and TrueBlood characters.

Vamp, All Human, Canon (although I’m not sure how that would fit, but hey!) Alternative Universe.

2,000 – 15,000 words

All entries will be posted anonymously to maintain a level playing field for voting.

Must be a brand new and sparkly one-shot.

Max two entries per writer.

All entries must be beta’d, no exceptions. Check out the Sookieverse forum for available beta’s.

Bond style lemons and violence welcome, within context, no rape or ikky stuff, 007 was a gentleman after all.

All writers welcome, virgin or veteran

Entries must have: Comp title, author name, beta name, word count, summary and disclaimer.

Contact details

I’m available on UK/GMT so allow 12/24 hrs for a responce to any quiries: fangreaders@gmail.com or tweet me @fang_readersLJ or pm me through fanfic.

Need some ideas?

Wikipedia ~ James Bond

James Bond Films

Dates and General Info

Competition opens for submissions on the Saturday 27th August and will run till the Friday 14th October.

One winner by public vote, a hosts pick and a special mention.

The winner will get a banner and the warm fuzzies of knowing they’ve won something.


pssssst ~ no competition promo fic’s are going to be posted, you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Good luck and happy writing..

My Prize Cup Runneth Over! From the TB on Twitter Contest

My cup just arrived for my 2nd Place Win from the True Blood on Twitter Contest!

Woot Woot! I’m brewing up a cup of coffee right now! My cup is so bewtiful!

Go here to read my fic.

True Blood on Twitter Writing Contest

True Blood on Twitter RP group would like to invite you to participate in our first writing contest. If you’ve ever imagined that you could write a scene for some of your favorite True Blood™ characters, this is your opportunity to do just that.

We have chosen three “sneak peek” video previews for the upcoming Season 4 as inspiration for you to create the story of what happened next. The following are links to those promos. Choose one as the starting point for your story and let your imagination take over.

Our panel of judges will choose first, second and third place winners from the submissions and True Blood on Twitter group members will act the winning story out, live on Twitter, as a special event leading up to Sunday, June 26 and the first episode of Season 4 of True Blood™. Second and third place entries will be performed at a later date. First place prize is a copy of True Blood: The Complete Third Season on DVD. Runner up prizes will also be awarded for the second and third place winners.

Deadline for submissions is Midnight central time, Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011.

Rules and judging guidelines can be found under the links to the promo videos. Watch them and choose which story you’d like to continue. Good luck and we look forward to reading your entries.

1.       Pam, Marnie & Tara
2.       Arlene & Terry
3.       Pam, Jessica & Hoyt

  • Submissions should be a minimum of 1,500 words and no longer than 4,000 words.
  • Each writer can submit up to a maximum of three (3) separate stories.
  • Contest ends at Midnight central time, Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
  • All contest submissions should be sent to: TBonTContest@gmail.com

Our panel of judges will be looking equally for…

  • Creativity and originality (including structure, flow, development of characters, and so on)
  • Potential for roleplay (including audience-appropriateness and appeal).
  • Technical ability (such as writing and compositional skills, presentation, form, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Stories should get the viewer’s attention and keep it. Beginning, middle, end, and overall pacing are very important. The dialogue needs to provide insight and the visuals must be compelling. The voice of the characters should be clear and strong. Overall impact of the piece will be the major criteria in the evaluation process.
  • Creativity will carry a weight of up to 10 points; other categories carry a weight of up to 5 points. Winners will be determined by the highest cumulative score.


Here are the scenes to continue for the contest: